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Ermitage IB School congratulates the Graduating class of 2024 for their remarkable achievements. We are proud of each and every one of our students, for their ambition, resilience and hard work. We celebrate their determination in achieving their goals. 

For our 2024 cohort, 98% of students achieved an IB Diploma. One student scored Ermitage IB School's highest IBDP result, an incredible 44 out of 45. Our average score of 32.5 is improved from last year, and well above the IB world average. 14 of our students attained the prestigious IB Bilingual Diploma. Most students have obtained their first choice and favoured destinations, to include Imperial College London, Ecole Polytechnique, and Bocconi. 

We extend a special thank you to the entire IB School team for their invaluable support and dedication to each of our students. We are excited for our students as they join the Ermitage Alumni and embark on the next chapter of their life journeys, imbued with the experiences and values they have gained at Ermitage. 

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