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Our DP History students traveled to Berlin! Last Monday, Miss Bielsa’s DP 1 & DP 2 History students traveled virtually to Berlin as part of their study of the Cold War and its effect on Germany and German citizens. Arja Jacob, the local Berlin expert from Berlin Local, brought our history curriculum to life!

"The Berlin Wall Virtual Tour was very informative and interesting. We were able to see the places where major events in history took place and our guide was very engaging. Arja's family tale was a great, real-life story about the effects of the Berlin Wall on the people, and I am grateful she was willing to share that with us as it provided a much better understanding of the event and allowed me to relate to it." - Briana

"It was fascinating to visually see the effects on Berlin, both in terms of the physical separation created by the wall as well as the social aspects which Arja explained. I think she also managed to create a very good impression of what it would have been like to be guarding Checkpoint Charlie during the worst times of the Cold War." - Jonathan

"It was fascinating to hear Arja’s family’s story and learn about real-life stories about the effect of the Berlin Wall on the people living there. It really put the Berlin Wall in context." - Isabel

"In my opinion, it was really engaging all throughout, especially when Arja talked about facts and anecdotes that I didn't know before, such as the fact that Berlin sold the wall all over the world, or that some people managed to escape over the wall in many ways." - Jan

"I enjoyed the tour because we got a perspective from someone whose family was affected by the wall. Arja also talked about details that were not in the book by including historical photographs that I had never seen before." - Juliette

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