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A recent notice on ManageBac about the collection of used jeans may have caught the eye of some readers. MYP5 Clara has used the mandatory MYP Personal Project as an opportunity to develop her line of recycled clothing "because I do not want to contribute to the waste and pollution which fast fashion has made in the past decade". She has repurposed jeans, sweatshirts, and other items, by cutting the materials and sewing them to different styles and transforming the original fabrics with paints, dyes, and bleach. Clara has used this Personal Project to develop her hand and machine sewing skills, as well as learning about design, fabrics, the juxtaposition of colors, and the cut of the outfits. Clara is passionate about clothes and hopes to pursue visual arts in the IB.
All MYP5 students will be completing their Personal Projects in the upcoming weeks. This is an obligatory element of the MYP program and is externally assessed by the IB. We will showcase all of the MYP Personal Projects in a virtual event in the weeks to come.


Speaking of Fashion…

MYP3 Design students will end their Clothing & Culture of the World unit next week with a Fashion Show on campus. They too have focused on designing fashion: clothing, sandals, jewelry, and hats. Students will be interviewed about their creations and the culture which influenced their work. As we regretfully cannot have guests on campus to view the Fashion Show, a video will be made available to our school community in the weeks to come.  


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