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My name is Marieke and I am a student at Ermitage in IBDP2. Outside of school, I play football for Poissy and this winter we would like to give back to our community. Therefore, we are collecting donations for hospitalized children in CHI Poissy/Saint-Germain-en-Laye hospital . We aim to collect toys (please find a list of suggestions below) for children ages 6-17 and we would greatly appreciate your help! If you have any unused or new toys that your children do not use, please donate them, it would be much appreciated and bring joy to a sick child this holiday season.    
Important: We request that the toys be clean, in good condition and not wrapped in wrapping paper. This is vital as the children may have a weak immune system and also for sanitary reasons related to COVID-19.
Where to drop off the donations: In the library of the 46, next to Mr. Reghem's office. There will be a large carton box to put any donations in.
By when: Before Thurs, December 16 Wishlist of the children in the hospital: Stuffed animals, toy cars, robots, dolls, games, footballs, books, bracelets, football shirts etc... Thank you so much in advance for your help in such a short amount of time. Happy holidays!

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