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In their DP Global Politics course, DP 2 students have been looking at the role and influence of different actors in politics and society. As part of their study of non-state actors, the students explored the roles of NGOs and civil society and how they can fulfill an important role on a community level. This means they can affect change through projects that perhaps national or local governments may not be able to pursue as NGOs and individuals are more free of constraints.
Thanks to Ms. Bielsa’s guidance, students directly experienced how the individual has a role to play in supporting NGOs that lack funding, and also in areas where perhaps large NGOs cannot. Some ways they are achieving this are by working hard to successfully execute the Love in a Box and Care4Calais projects. Ms. Bielsa’s DP 2 Global Politics class are proud to have been able to use the knowledge gained in the classroom to have an impact on the world around them. Bravo!

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