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We are excited to announce that this January, Dr. Anne Allbright will be joining the IB Programs Team! Dr. Allbright will be teaching both DP History & DP Global Politics as Ms. Mónica Bielsa will be on maternity leave. Dr. Allbright is a trained historian and has worked for many years at the university level and in museums. She also has extensive experience teaching IB in both primary and secondary schools.
She is an IBDP examiner for history and the Extended Essay. We are looking forward to the knowledge and new perspectives that she can share. She has already met some of her students after visiting campus last week and was impressed with the level of engagement she witnessed in the classes. She is very much looking forward to being a part of our community.
Dr. Allbright lives in Lodi, Italy and Nice, France, but is originally from the United States. She has traveled to over 40 countries and studied in the United States, Guatemala, Mexico, and Norway. She will fit right in with our international community! If any of you see her in January, do not hesitate to say hello and give her a warm welcome. Welcome to the team, Dr. Allbright!

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